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Bread naturally coloured with turmeric (yellow), blue pea flowers (purple) and cocoa powder (brown)

“Really?” Some of you may go. “Does anyone still bake their own bread?” Or the question that is as likely to crop up, “What? Bake bread at home?”

Doesn’t everyone just buy their bread from the supermarket? Yes, you can get a loaf of bread from the supermarket for less than S$3.00.

So, why bother?

There’s bread, and then there’s bread

Decades ago, I remember my German teachers at the Goethe Institut Singapore complaining that the bread available here in Singapore is like cotton wool. And tastes of nothing.

When I started baking my own bread with instant yeast, they tasted a bit better. But it was only when I started baking with wild yeast and long fermentation that I finally understood what they were talking about. …

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Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Don’t let someone else decide your value

In one of my first jobs, decades ago, when I was in my early twenties, I witnessed a flaming row between my then-boss and a writer he was in the midst of firing.

Not one to mince words, he basically told her she was a lousy writer.

My theory, with the benefit of hindsight and several decades of working experience under my belt since then, is that he was so used to doing things his own way, and had problems adjusting to working with someone with a different style. Plus, he didn’t have an abundance of people management or communication skills. After years of journalistic experience, he had started his own publication in a specialized niche, was himself the editor, and wrote most of the stories himself. He had a couple of stringers who were paid per article. …


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